Based on your location and our current stock availability, your order will be shipped from the EU warehouse or Russian warehouse.

Delivery Options and times:

United Kingdom

  • Regular mail 1-3 weeks
  • UPS shipping 1-6 days

United States, Canada:

  • Regular shipping
  • 2-3 weeks

European Union Countries (Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria):

  • We ship from EU warehouse.
  • For these countries, we use only¬† a private shipping company . This is because these countries have strict border controls and regular mail packages are seized by customs.
  • Delivery time is 3-7 days.

Other EU Countries (France, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Greece): We provide two shipping choices:

  • Regular mail with an estimated delivery time of around 7-15 days.
  • Private shipping company for a faster delivery to your doorstep, approximately within 5 days.


Middle East:  In most cases we do not ship to this region, but we can arranger shipping to reshiping company. Contact us for more information.

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