Reshipment & Refund

Reshipment & Refund Rules

We guarantee that you will you recive your package, if you have followed the rules of reciving package . Rules of reciving packages is to
1. Follow your tracking number
2. Check if postal service has atempted delivery. If they had tried to deliver the package and failed, your responsibilty is to contact them and arrange new delivery.

If these condition are met and the package was not delivered or delivered with damaged goods we will reship the package or give you store credit in amount you are owed.

Delivery times

Delivery inside the EU takes 7-14 days wih regular shipping.
Delivery to United Kingdom and USA usually takes 2-3 weeks.
Delivery to Canada takes 3-4 weeks.
Delivery to Australia takes 3-5 weeks.

Orders Eligible for Refund / Reshipment / Store Credit

An order that is eligible for refund/reshipment/store credit should meet ANY of the following conditions:

  • The products in the parcel were damaged during transit.
  • The parcel is seized by customs
  • The package was lost
  • The package was returned to us by customs.

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