Author name: Jeffrey Black

An enthusiastic author deeply invested in health-related subjects. Armed with a diverse background spanning medical research and psychology, Jeffrey creates enlightening content that empowers readers to make educated choices about their health. His writing adeptly connects science facts with practical guidance, encompassing diverse topics including drug information, exercise and mental well-being. By drawing from personal experiences, Jeffrey forges a relatable bond with his readers.

Meldonium in sports

Meldonium effects on athletes: Why they use it?

When it comes to sports, athletes will do everything they can to gain a competitive advantage over those they come up against. This often involves using sports science to improve physical conditioning, stamina, and more. Sometimes, though, athletes might choose to go down a more ethically dubious route and use performance-enhancing substances. This can include …

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cardiovascular drugs

Cardiovascular Drugs – Everything You Should Know

Heart disease is a debilitating condition that is responsible for over 17.9 million related deaths every year. The scientific community refers to heart conditions as cardiovascular disease, which emphasizes the susceptibility of blood vessels to all types of pathology. However, we should note that cardiovascular disease is not one condition. It is an umbrella term …

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